Demolition projects come in different shapes and sizes—no two are the same and each have their own unique set of considerations. At Wolfe Construction, we approach each demolition project differently and with a plan based on the unique project needs. From a previous tenants fixtures to a full-sized house, we can remove anything from your property that you no longer need or want.

Demolition work can be very dangerous. There are many unknown hazards that could cause harm, especially with older properties. It's advisable to always leave demolition work to the professionals. You never know what can happen once you start tearing down walls. We have the experience to handle situations as they arise.

We strategically plan our work before we commence with any type of demolition work. Utilizing our trade partners, we can terminate existing electrical, gas and plumbing fixtures properly. Our experts are able to turn any size project into a safe and efficient work environment, accounting for your construction timelines and project budget.

If you have an upcoming demolition project you would like to get an estimate for, contact Wolfe Construction. We are happy to provide you with a hassle-free estimate and discuss options for your demolition needs. Whether large or small, our experienced team can help you get it done.

Let's build something great together!